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Wrench in the Gears
Mission sequence
Requirement: Level 47
Follow-up: Proof of Assurance
Required Level 47
Mission giver: Commander Darren
- Location: Thunderhead Base
Reward giver: Radio
- Location: Fault Lever
XP: 300,000
Credits: 10,000

Lv 50 Graviton Armor Legs v6 Teleract Graviton Armor Legs v6 (Prototype)
Lv 50 Stealth Armor Boots v6 Prodigy Stealth Armor Boots v6 (Prototype)
Lv 50 Mech Armor Gloves v6 Dynamo Mech Armor Gloves v6 (Prototype)
Lv 50 Bio Armor Helmet v6 Prodigy Bio Armor Helmet v6 (Prototype)

Item0494 Overview Edit

Infiltrate the Fault Lever facility and shut down the hammers.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Enter the West hammer station.
  • Gain Access to the West hammer station control room.
  • Find a way to the West hammer monitoring center A.
  • Eliminate the hammer control technician and retrieve his keycard.
  • Get to the West hammer power control center.
Hammer Power Conduit x 2
  • Enter the East hammer station.
  • Disable East hammer station security center.
The security in the East hammer station is very good. You need to disable their security system before you can procede.
  • Turn off the East hammer monitoring center B.
Disable the power conduits to the East hammer monitoring center B.
Hammer Power Conduit x 2

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Commander Darren:

Inside the Fault Lever there are 3 power generation machines that are used to power the hammers in the fault. We need you to go in and shut them off without causing any collateral damage to the fault. This task may not be suited for just one operative, so make sure you are well equipped and mentally ready to infiltrate this bane controlled facility.

Debriefing Edit


Well done shutting down the Hammers, the presence of the Atta although a nuisance, probably helped you finish the job. Talk to Engineer Danners, I have sent him information vital to your next mission.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Approach the western teleporter and kill Sxirx, who drops a Hex Key Hex Key. This can be used to turn on the eastern teleporter. Head into the western section and complete Process of Elimination. Pick up the X-ray Key X-ray Key from the previously barricaded room, the Whiskey Key Whiskey Key from a crate nearby, and an Eloh Bomb Eloh Bomb from the Eloh Reliquary in the Atta tunnel.

In the upper area, use the Whiskey Key to open the door and kill the assorted Bane within, including a Thrax Technician Boss Xranix. Then use the X-Ray Key to open the door in this room. This will trigger a short cutscene depicting the next area and boss. Continue on.

Eventually you will come to Zlinar who will drop a Yankee Key Yankee Key. This can also be retrieved from a chest in the back. Use they key on a nearby terminal to open the gates to the two power conduits. In each conduit, make your way to the back and destroy a pipe. Make sure to stay well clear of the corridor when the energy beam fires. When done with both, hop in one of the teleporters by the pipes to return to the entrance.

Head into the eastern section. Thankfully, there are no more Atta here. Fight to the console in the security room, then continue on, killing Juox and eventually Creanx, who drops the Poly Key Poly Key. Use the key on the nearby terminal, then repeat the conduit destroying process.

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