We Need Backup!
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Cripple the Defenses
Defusing the Situation
Flanks for Nothing
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Sergeant Kaliel
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
Reward giver: Commander Killroy
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
XP: 23000
Credits: None

Brann Master Keycard

Item0494 Overview Edit

Assist Officer Lagda in taking the operations room. You will also need to check on the status of Officer Melokan. There is no time to waste; you need to advance to the operations room as it is currently under assault.

Objectives Edit

Assist Officer Lagda Edit

Seek out Officer Lagda

Escort Officer Lagda to the Operations Center Edit

Rendezvous with Officer Melokan Edit

Seek out Officer Melokan and get a verbal report on the situation.

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Sergeant Kaliel:

Thank goodness you're here. I need you to advance to the operations room by any means necessary and stop the Bane from taking it over.
We're mounting some heavy casulties in our efforts to repel the Bane and keep them from pushing deeper into our defensive perimeter. Ever since we learned of the Bane's insurgence and their efforts to manipulate the water supply, we've made it a top priority to recapture the base and drive the Bane out.
If we lose the command center, we are toast. I need you to rendezvous with Field Officer Lagda for further instructions. Once you make it to Ops room, report to Commander Killroy for Debriefing.

Assist Officer Lagda Edit

Field Officer Lagda:

We have to get moving to the control station, I have gathered intel that the Bane are breaching our defenses! Lets check in with Melokan on the way to make sure she is ok. Lets move!

Rendezvous with Officer Melokan Edit

Field Officer Melokan:

The Bane are moving on the operations center as we speak! You guys need to get down there, I'll cover your back!

Debriefing Edit

Commander Killroy:

It's soldiers like you that we need here to the Bane from having their way with this refinery.
Your help is appreciated, but don't get too comfortable. This passkey should override to any locked doors you run into. I've recieved a radio transmission from Captain Jenks requesting assistance near the sediment room. Head that way and see where you can help out.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Straight up escort mission, very little thrax - maybe 3 squads - soloable. Adeptus 15:19, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

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