Wargame duels are impromptu wargames (PvP) in Tabula Rasa.

Duels can be held between different player formations:

  • Player vs. Player
  • Squad vs. Player
  • Squad vs. Squad

To initiate a duel, a player or squad leader must challenge another player or squad leader in one of two ways:

  • Typing /duel followed by the player's name.
  • Targeting the person with the reticle, bringing up the radial menu (default key: Ctrl) and picking "Invite to Duel"

The player (or team leader) will receive a flashing notification indicating that he's been challenged to a wargame duel and can choose to accept or refuse. During this time, the challenger receives a similar notification allowing him to choose to revoke the challenge.

If the duel is accepted, any players involved will be marked in the following fashion:

  • Allied players will have a green icon depicting crossed swords above their head.
  • Enemy players will have a red icon depicting crossed swords above their head, and will also appear as red diamonds on the mini map.

All duels are to the death, or until the other player or squad leader surrenders the duel by typing /surrender.

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