Wargames, commonly known as PvP (Player vs. Player), are fights arranged between players. This contrasts with PvE (Player vs. Environment), which denotes fights between players and NPC mobs.

Wargame duels Edit

Main article: Wargame duel

Wargame duels are impromptu PvP sessions played between individual players and/or squads.

Wargame feuds Edit

Main article: Wargame feud

Wargame feud or clan wars are free for all hostilities between two PvP clans which last 7 days at a time.


Anyone in a wargame will have an icon depicting two crossed swords above their head. This icon will be colored in different manners depending on their affiliation to you:

  • Green: Clan/duel allies.
  • Grey: Players fighting another clan, player or squad.
  • Red: Clan/duel enemies. Enemies will furthermore be colored red on your mini map.

You cannot heal/repair anyone with a grey or red icon.

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