Disambiguous This article is about the Logos element Vortex, if you were looking for the Guardian ability Vortex then see Vortex.

Vortex (logos)
Associated Abilities :Base Wave Base Wave
Cloak Wave Cloak Wave
Concussive Wave Concussive Wave
Crit Wave Crit Wave
Explosive Wave Explosive Wave
Reanimation Wave Reanimation Wave
Regeneration Wave Regeneration Wave
Shield Wave Shield Wave


Vortex is a Logos element found in Valverde Plateau. It is required for all the signature abilities.

For the details of obtaining the logos, see the associated mission, Logos: Vortex.

Logos shrine location

Area Remark Coordinates (as per /loc) Type
East/West (X) Altitude (Z) North/South (Y)
Foreas Valverde Plateau Maligo Base Perimeter Inside cave along the Maligo Base moat, just below the central ramp. Entrance at (-122, 405, -392). To unlock the gate you need Logos: Eloh, Empower, Only, The, Strong Help -115.8 Help -482.2 Help -324 Help Logos: Vortex


  • You must be level 30 to accept the quest to find Vortex, which has led to the (Incorrect) Rumor that you must be level 30 to obtain it. You can obtain all logos as soon as you can open the door.
  • You can also get in if you find someone else who has all of the logos and ask them to open the "door"

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