Overview Edit

From WiReD Magazine:

"To show appreciation for players who stick with Tabula Rasa, NCsoft has instituted the Tabula Rasa Veteran Rewards Program, which will reward players who maintain active accounts over an extended period of time.

For every three months you maintain an active account, you'll receive in-game content exclusive to Veterans, including emotes, gear, crafting schematics, and pets.

The free month you get with the game counts toward your active account, as does any free trial time you may have, but time paid for via game card or credit card only includes time already incurred, not future time. In other words, you can't pay ahead for six months to get the swag up front.

The Program begins with Tabula Rasa's launch on November 2."

WiReD Magazine Link

--Witchboon 15:10, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

One Month Edit

  • Emote: /jumpforjoy
  • Emote: /defeat
  • Emote: /stomp

Three Months Edit

  • Emote: /robot
  • Kirin Mask (Unicorn Helmet)


Six Months Edit

Nine Months Edit

  • Emote: /taichi
  • Headlamp
  • Purple Lumin pet
  • Title - "The Shadow"
  • XP Booster

Twelve Months Edit

  • Resupply Beacon
  • Dropship Extraction Beacon
  • Emote: /logosgreet
  • Title - "Special Forces"

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