Version Edit

General Edit

  • Removed display of EULA from client, since it is handled by the Launcher.
  • Character hang on login fixed.
  • Creatures that aren’t intended to leave corpses should become untargetable now when they die, this should prevent them from being revived.
  • Fixed a problem where your weapon could get stuck while being drawn or holstered.

Maps and Missions Edit

Maps Edit

  • Control Point Charon's Crossing: NPC's make a run for the waypoint when assault bane spawn.
  • Mires should be less lagtastic.

Missions Edit

  • Fixed TOO bug across all TOO missions on branch/trunk that would prevent Operations objective from completing if player had already completed the required missions.
  • Howling Maw Mission – Electrician’s Charge: The Thrax Machina named The Electrician now drops his Control Chip properly when killed.
  • Howling Maw Mission – Curtain Call: Placing detonator on second Fuel Processing Pump now registers in the mission objective once detonated.
  • Howling Maw – Players will now spawn properly in the Gangus Outpost Hospital.
  • Howling Maw – Players can now acquire the Dia Uyona Hospital.
  • Fixed Bug with Explosive Reinforcements in Quasso Station.
  • Warning: Tesla coils in Fluxite Mines will ignite the fluxite particles in the air and do 5 – 6k worth of damage to anyone that dares get too close. Best to take them out before they take you out.
  • While in the Refuge mission “Holding Point” you are no longer able to take cover, then leave cover and get stuck behind the cave ins.
  • Issue that prevented completion of Refuge mission “Holding Point” has been thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. Systems are go for completing this mission.
  • Refuge spawns have been tweaked so that it’s easier to pick off the patrol groups in the Eloh. hallways. Being a higher level instance, it is still difficult and the spawns keep going until you find a way to stop them.
  • Refuge – Pretty Distraction: Category in mission log no longer appears as “unknown.”
  • “Abyss Targets of Opportunity” objective “Acquire all waypoints” should now complete correctly.
  • Added additional 1 liner for Bootcamp mission that explains UI mode.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to kill the Overseer before they received the mission to do so. Doors now only open after “Flanks for Nothing” is completed.
  • Raised drop rate of mission items for "Create the Queen Lure."
  • Fixes added for Descent TOO mission.

Equipment Edit

Weapons and Ammo Edit

  • EMP Bombs should no longer damage their user.
  • Netgun now has a clip size of 3. Damage has been reduced as well. This is a crowd control weapon.
  • Torqueshell Gun damage has been reduced. It was overpowered.

Armor Edit

  • Fixed a bug where unequipping broken armor would cause the regen rate of your total armor to get lower.

Abilities Edit

Spy Edit

  • Switching your weapon while casting polymorph shouldn’t be possible anymore, doing so will currently set your active weapon as nothing though & you’ll have to cycle once to set the correct weapon.

Enemies Edit

  • The Injection Guns used by Phanin Researchers, Phanin Scientists, Phanin Engineers, and Phanin Bioengineers now do significantly less damage, and have a slower rate of fire.
  • Kael damage and knockback affect range has been moderately increased.
  • Hominis machina laser attacks will now be treated as laser damage and will no longer have a chance to knockback.
  • The Boargar stun attack is now sonic based.
  • All maw variants should now use their maw attack ability.
  • Flaregasher boss variants will now use the flaregasher melee and fireball attacks.
  • The flaregasher fireball attack is now fire based.
  • AIs will pursue their targets more readily.
  • AIs will chase their targets for the correct distances.
  • AIs will give up pursuit when they lose and are unable to regain line-of-sight.

User Interface Edit

  • Increase cap on ingore list from 10 to 50.
  • Increase cap on friend list from 20 to 200.
  • Added counter to friend and ignore list.
  • Fixed bug where no player message is sent when friend/ignore list is full.
  • player radar arrow now display on top of other radar indicators.
  • After bringing up the [esc] menu, your name will no longer appear as 'None' while rolling on loot.

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