Unexpected Guests
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Tale of Two Brothers
Follow-up: Key Information
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Surveyor Miras
- Location: Research Outpost Alpha
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 50000
Credits: 5000

Unknown Armor Legs CryoGen Stealth Armor Legs
Incendiary Leech Gun Vextronics incendiary Leech Gun
Unknown Armor Gloves Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves

Overview Edit

Find the Lightbender Infiltrators inside the Kardash Atta Colony and kill as many as you can before they report their findings back to the Bane.

Objectives Edit

Kill Lightbender Infiltrators Edit

Lightbender Infiltrators 20/20

Kill Elite Infiltrator Arkshaz Edit

Kill Elite Infiltrator Dargoth Edit

Kill Elite Infiltrator Kresht Edit

Kill Elite Infiltrator Morkone Edit

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Surveyor Miras:

The Bane! You have to find them and kill them before they steal our research!
Before the Bane got here, we set up a research center here to observe the Atta. Phanin sent us to fix the Signal Transducers to receive an experiemental signal; a signal to control the mind of the Atta Queen.
A lot of us died, but the transducers are broadcasting Phanin's signal directly into the colony now. The entire colony even amplifies the signal. Everything was working great... until the Bane came.
We locked ourselves in here, but there are Bane all over the colony investigating our equipment. If they steal this tech before we can use it, then we've already lost. There's too many of them for us to handle, and Phanin hasn't sent any security to help us.
Find them and kill them. Kill them ALL!

Debriefing Edit

Surveyor Miras:

This sets my mind at ease. Maybe you humans aren't so bad after all.

Walkthrough Edit

* Note: Formerly, this quest couldn't be completed due to there not being enough Infiltrators on the map. This is now resolved. In fact, there are more than the required number of Infiltrators.

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