Underground Mysteries
Mission sequence
Requirement: Speak to Captain Reyko
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Captain Reyko
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 46000
Credits: 4600

Unknown Armor Helmet CryoGen Hazmat Armor Helmet
Unknown Armor Legs Wellcare Reflective Armor Legs
Unknown Armor Legs Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Legs

Item0494 Overview Edit

Captain Reyko wants you to explore the Kardash Atta Colony and find any Eloh artifacts that the Atta may have scavenged from the crash site. Report back to Captain Reyko at Irendas Colony with any discoveries you make.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Find Eloh Artifacts Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Captain Reyko:

We don't know what the Atta took from the crash site, but I want you to find out and report back to me.
It looks like the Atta have been working overtime scavenging that crash site. We need to find out what, or who, may have been in that ship.
I need you to explore the Kardash Atta Colony and find everything that the Atta may have recovered from the crash site. The minute you find anything, you head back here and let me know. Recover anything that you can, within reason of course.

Find Eloh Artifacts Edit

Kardash Eloh Obelisk:

As you analyze the Eloh artifact, the blue light fills your senses. You feel understanding dance at the edges of your perception. You grasp at the whispering, when suddenly a vision fills your mind.
You see a massive Communications tower, surrounded by robots. Your vision cuts away and you see a Bane base, with countless Bane flooding from it, engulfing the surrounding terrain. Then, you see the image of an Eloh, beckoning you.
Your mind clears, your path becomes clear. You know that the Benefactor is somewhere on Torden Incline.
The obelisk is too large to move on your own, but you walk away knowing that this vision is what you came here for.

Debriefing Edit

Captain Reyko:

So you found something?
A vision, eh? Far be it from me to understand how the mind of a receptive works. If you think the Eloh has fled to Incline, then you should get your ass over there and find him. Doesn't make sense why he's running all over the place, but far be it from me to understand the minds of the Benefactors, either.
Well, good job, as usual soldier.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Taken with the other Hive missions, this is the last destination among the maps. The Eloh chamber is accessed via Atta teleporter located at 388.3, 207.8, -88.6 in Harvest Grotto. The chamber is protected by Imperials and a Boss among other Atta. Mission completion is accessing the Eloh unit in the chamber.

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