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Type: Biological
Weak To: none
Resists: none
Immune To: Sonic Sonic


Small, highly aggressive ticks that have an ooze attack that does minimal damage. Generally weak, and not worth attacking if they avoid you. Luring one near a large AFS encampment can provide amusing results as the entire base, including mechs, moves to attack the unfortunate bug; followed by enthusiastic cheering and whooping from the soldiers. DescriptionEdit

Physical Traits Edit

Tree mites are an indigenous and hostile ‘Aphid-like’ creature found throughout Foreas which feed off of tree bark. They are small and move very quickly, making them difficult to target.

Damage Type Edit


Weapons Used Edit

Natural Poison

Special Attacks Edit

Tree mites jump rapidly from place to place much like a flea. They will spit at their enemies with a poison which stuns or slows them, then quickly turn to a new direction and then spring away.

Armor Edit

Tree mites have protective exoskeleton.

Weakness Edit

Because they small and fast, use of a weapon with a wide damage cone is recommended.

Attack Range Edit

Melee to short range.

Deployment Edit

Tree Mites live in swarms of 5 or more and are usually found near their food source, especially by larger trees or their roots.

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