Trailblaze Mt. Hellas Outpost
Mission sequence
Requirement: Interception
Follow-up: Operation: Termination
Slappy's Tech Fun Pt. 1
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Colonel Whitaker
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 25000
Credits: 3750

Unknown Armor Helmet Dynamo Bio Armor Helmet
Cryogenic Net Gun Teleract Cryogenic Net Gun
Unknown Armor Boots Voltrox Motor Assist Armor Boots

Overview Edit

Blaze a trail through the Torden Plains to Mt. Hellas Outpost, northwest of Irendas, deliver tech supplies and download Colonel Franks' personal logs from his data block without him seeing. Return to Colonel Whitaker with the Data Disc.

Objectives Edit

Deliver Tech Supplies Edit

Deliver the Tech Supplies from Irandes Colony to Colonel Franks in Mt. Hellas Outpost.

Acquire Col. Franks' Log Edit

Acquire Colonel Franks' personal log information without his knowledge.

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Colonel Whitaker:

I need to get these repair parts to Mt. Hellas Outpost.
The Mt. Hellas Outpost has suffered communications blackout and we need to know what's going on. It could be that their equipment got fried, but more likely it's Colonel Franks up to no good... He's got something up his sleeve, but I can't put my finger on it just yet. That's why I need you to go there and snoop around.
Take these tech supplies and deliver them to Franks, under the guise that we were concerned and are offering aid... If their communications equipment's humped, then these supplies should get them up and running again. Either way, I'll need you to get Franks' log entries from his data pad. I know, it sounds underhanded, but if he's up to what I think he's up to, this will help the AFS and make you a star. Don't let him catch you, 'cause I'll disavow any knowledge and you'll be up a creek. Now get going.

Deliver Tech Supplies Edit

Colonel Franks:

Whitaker sent ya to deliver tech supplies, eh? How 'thoughtful' of him. I'll get these to Slappy so he can get to work. Go ahead and take the teleporter back to Irendas Colony and give Whitaker my thanks. It's not often he volunteers to help out so readily.

Debriefing Edit

Colonel Whitaker:

Well, well, I was beginning to think you didn't have it in you. This information will definitely come in handy.
Eh, what's with the bunny-eyes, soldier? You waitin' for a pat on the back for doing your freakin' job?
If you need strokin' kid, do it on your own time, 'cause this is war and I ain't got the time to deal with your insecurities. Dismissed!

Walkthrough Edit

The data disc is found in the data disc player next to the computer in the smaller room Franks walks into.

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