Toxic Detox
Mission sequence
Requirement: Incommunicado (one objective)
Follow-up: None
Required Level 32 (possibly less)
Mission giver: Delta Squad Commander Locke
- Location: Maligo Creek
Reward giver: Delta Squad Commander Locke
- Location: Maligo Creek
XP: 50,000
Credits: 4,950

Repair Tool Dynamic Radial Repair Tool
Sonic Disperser ChiTech Sonic Disperser
Rifle Vextronics Rifle
Sonic Torqueshell Rifle Vitalius Sonic Torqueshell Rifle

Overview Overview Edit

Destroy five Bane Toxic Waste Pumps at the Septic Bog on the plateau at the eastern end of Martyr's Canyon, then return to Delta Squad Commander Locke on patrol in Martyr's Canyon.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Destroy 5 Pumps.
Destroy five Bane Toxic Waste Pumps at Septic Bog.
Bane Toxic Waste Pumps Destroyed 0/5

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Delta Squad Commander Locke:

I got a little demolition job needs doing, if you got the time!
We've been patrolling this side of the canyon, all the way up to Septic Bog. The Bane have a bunch of Toxic Waste Pumps set up there. They're harvesting that sludge and using it to make chemical weapons.
If you can take out all five pumps, you'll save a lot of lives. Are you willing to take a shot at 'em?

Debriefing Edit

Delta Squad Commander Locke:

You done good, trooper! They'll repair the pumps, but every second they're out of commission is saving AFS lives. You should be proud.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

There are quite a few Elite Maligo Guards around the pumps, consider bringing a squad.

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