Torqueshell Rifle
Torqueshell Rifle
A player wielding a Torqueshell Rifle
Training:Torqueshell Guns Torqueshell Guns
Class: Sniper Sniper
Range: 60-100
Rate of fire: slow



Scope view

The Torqueshell Rifle is a Sniper class weapon, requiring Training in Torqueshell Guns. It's a very long range single-target weapon that features extremely high damage per shot. Unlike most other weapons the damage decreases if the target is closer than the optimal range, and the maximum range is so long you can fire at virtually anything you can see. Fully trained, the weapon bypasses armor more effectively than any other non-virulent weapon.

After 2008-12-16 Update torque shell rifles level 38 and above have a basic scope view. The scope view can be opened by pressing mouse button 3.


Torqueshell Rifles can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray. Torqueshell Rifles benefit from beading the target and damage is increased while crouching. Unlike most weapons in Tabula Rasa, Torqueshell Rifles suffer from recoil and you need to bead the target again after each shot.

The optimal range for a Torqueshell Rifle is 60 meters - if the target is closer than this the damage dealt will decrease. The maximum range is is 100 meters - it is not possible to fire at targets beyond this range.


Torqueshell Rifles fire self-propelled rounds that continue to accelerate while traveling towards their target. This means that the further away the target is the more damage you will do to it, with the optimal range being 60 meters or more. The maximum range is 100 meters, but in practice there is very little you will be able to see on screen that is too far to fire at with this weapon.

Torqueshell Rifles have very long bead times, catastrophically slow without crouching, and have a recoil that causes you to lose your bead after each shot. In exchange, your shots have an increased chance to hit your target with a full bead.

If the target is closer than 60 meters it is probably a good idea to switch to a different weapon. Torqueshell Rifle should only really be fired under close-to-ideal circumstances - at full range and with a full bead. Buffs are also highly recommended. All Snipers should carry alternate weapons for when circumstances are not ideal.

Higher levels of training in Torqueshell Guns allows shots from Torqueshell Rifles to bypass armor, with pump 5 allowing 75% of the damage to directly reduce the target's health. This is extremely useful as it allows heavily armored targets to be taken down very quickly from far enough away that they are unable to return fire.

Shots from a Torqueshell Rifle leave visible contrails lasting roughly 15 seconds when fired, giving away a Sniper's position instantly to human players in PvP. Snipers using Motor Assist Body Armor, Sprint, or Tactical Retreat can overcome this drawback should it prove necessary.


Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Torqueshell Rifle Physical Physical Rockets Rockets 4 Torqueshell Rifle
EMP Torqueshell Rifle EMP EMP Rockets Rockets 4 EMP Torqueshell Rifle
Laser Torqueshell Rifle Laser Laser Rockets Rockets 4 Laser Torqueshell Rifle
Sonic Torqueshell Rifle Sonic Sonic Rockets Rockets 4 Sonic Torqueshell Rifle
Electric Torqueshell Rifle Electric Electric Rockets Rockets 4 Electric Torqueshell Rifle

Damage progressionEdit

Subtype Torqueshell Rifle EMP Torqueshell Rifle Laser Torqueshell Rifle Sonic Torqueshell Rifle Electric Torqueshell Rifle
Level Torqueshell Rifle EMP Torqueshell Rifle Laser Torqueshell Rifle Sonic Torqueshell Rifle Electric Torqueshell Rifle
30 4773 / 1139
33 6190 / 1477
38 9547 / 2278
43 14722 / 3514
48 22704 / 5419
50 27000 / 6444

Note: Currently all Torqueshell Rifle sub-types have equal damage progression.

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