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Thrax Technician
Thrax Technician
Type: Biological
Weak To: Laser Laser
Resists: Ice Ice
Fire Fire
Immune To: Electric Electric

Thrax Technicians are similar to AFS Armor Techs in purpose and they are primarily a support class for the Bane, deploying small turrets that can cause considerable damage.

A technician's full array of abilities make them a notable threat on the battlefield, and they should be taken out as soon as possible.

Technicians themselves do fairly heavy EMP damage, cutting down armor quickly. They will also immediately summon a small turret that will hit anything in range for light physical damage. They can also repair the armor of allies around them and repair (resurrect) broken mechanical allies such as Shield Bots and Bane Mortars, much like Caretakers reviving dead (but not Overkilled) Bane.

Sub TypesEdit

Below are a list of enemies that exhibit the same characteristics as Thrax Technician, though under a different name.

  • Thrax Miner
  • Thrax Mine Layer

Officers, Overseers & Other Notable PersonnelEdit

This list aims to maintain a list of Thrax Technician individuals (or groups) that are classified as "notable".


Additional NotesEdit

Keep in mind they only do EMP damage so they can't actually kill you by themselves as the turrets damage is minor, just don't get into melee range and you will have no problems.

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