The Stalk Market
Mission sequence
Requirement: Scavenger Hunt
Required Level 31
Mission giver: Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo
- Location: AFS Camp Resistance
Reward giver: Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo
- Location: AFS Camp Resistance
XP: 100,000
Credits: 6,600

Bio Armor Helmet v4 ChiTech Bio Armor Helmet v4
Unknown Armor Boots Titan Hazmat Armor Boots
Unknown Armor Boots Olympia Motor Assist Armor Boots
Unknown Armor Boots Vitalius Reflective Armor Boots

Overview Overview Edit

Hunt Bane Stalkers on the battlefield, south of Trinity Bridge, and collect the following parts for Private "Scrounger" Scarpeli at Camp Resistance: 6 Actuators, 4 Gyrostabilizers and 4 Protonic Fuel Cells.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Obtain 6 Stalker Actuators.
Obtain 6 Stalker Actuators for Private Scrounger.
Item0000 Stalker Actuator 0/6
Obtain 4 Gyrostabilizers.
Obtain 4 Stalker Gyrostabilizers for Private Scrounger.
Item0000 Stalker Geostabilizer 0/4 -- yes, Geo
Obtain 4 Fuel Cells.
Obtain 4 Protonic Fuel Cells for Private Scrounger.
Item0000 Protonic Fuel Cell 0/4

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo:

You want to do some more business? Not for nothin', but there's a reason they call me "The Scrounger." I got customers all over Foreas looking for particular items.
You seen those Stalkers the Bane use? Those big walking tripods? Turns out there's a huge market for Stalker parts on our side. Their Actuators can be retrofitted for AFS Mechs, their Gyrostabilizers increase Hover Tank efficiency, and one of their Protonic Fuel Cells can power an outpost for a month!
I heard the Bane are using Stalkers on the battlefield south of Trinity Bridge. I got a list of items my customers need. Get em all and I can set you up with some serious firepower. You in?

Debriefing Edit

Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo:

Bada-bing! You're a real pro, ain't ya? Come see me again, I might have something for ya. Meantime, let's settle up. See anything you like?

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The Stalkers can be found south of Trinity Bridge, near the path to the mountains between the two bases. Frequently they will appear as a pair. Be careful in trying to tangle with 2 or more simultaneously. Also, note that there are many AFS Mechs to help out in the area. Make sure that you cause most of the damage for the kill or you will not get the drops.

The Stalkers found in Incline & Mires also drop the mission items.

Because of the geography, the Stalkers will commonly fall in ways that make them difficult to loot. Use the auto loot all (default shift-f) while looking at the triangle loot indicator.

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