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The Snakepit
Location type:
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Valverde
Item0483 Zone: Pools
Mob Levels:
Map of The Snakepit
Map of The Snakepit

Item0494 Overview Edit

The Snakepit, is the westernmost AFS area in the Pools zone. It is the most easily accessible area available to the player entering from the Plateau via a cave located in the northwest corner of the Pools. Mob levels in this area start around level 31.

Variations in wording and spelling on this area's name abound, including "Snake Pit" and "Snake Pit Outpost", but the name used by the in-game map is "The Snakepit".

The Snakepit is, to put it kindly, a junkheap. The outpost is severely under-supplied, and is forced to be highly creative in resource gathering to the extent that the body parts of fallen Bane forces are used as repair supplies, and soldiers are forced into the field to retrieve cartridge clips from fallen allies.

The Snakepit also has an uneasy arrangement with the Retreads to get clips and ammo. The outpost is commanded by Colonel 'Snake' Washington, a man considered crazy and dangerous by the other outposts in the area.

Despite its severe shortcomings, the Snakepit serves as the Pools supplier of armor and weapons, and is home to its dropship. There is also a medical vendor and hospital onsite. A logos is protected very close to the dropship.

For all further information, such as available missions, creatures, Logos elements, etc, see: Pools, or search on "Category: Pools", and "Category: The Snakepit".

Logos Logos ShrinesEdit

Contact ContactsEdit

Mission MissionsEdit

Main article: The Snakepit mission list

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