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The Beer Hunter
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Bridge Too Far
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Field Lt. Peterson
- Location: Fort Defiance
Reward giver: Field Lt. Peterson
- Location: Fort Defiance
XP: 40,000
Credits: 4,650

lvl 30 Pulse Disperser Vextronics Pulse Disperser or
lvl 27 Cryogenic Injector Gun ChiTech Cryogenic Injector Gun or
lvl 29 Incendiary Leech Gun Vextronics Incendiary Leech Gun or
lvl 27 Incendiary Shotgun Animatics Incendiary Shotgun

Overview Overview Edit

Go to the Fort Defiance Tavern and speak to Bartender McLaughlin about Field Lt. Peterson's bachelor party arrangements.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Field Lt. Peterson:

I need help organizing a bachelor party for a buddy of mine, stationed at Wedge Rock.
My buddy's tying the knot next week. I'm the best man, so I gotta throw a bachelor party for him. Do me a favor and run over to the tavern. Talk to Mac, the bartender. Tell him I want to throw a big shindig on Tuesday. See if he can set me up.
I'd do it myself, but old man Bailey would rip me a new one if he found me hanging around the tavern while I'm on duty. What do you say?

Interim Edit

Bartender McLaughlin:

The lieutenant is wantin' to throw a party, is he? I've nothin' scheduled for Tuesday, but I may have a wee bit of a problem supplying the beer. I brew it myself, ye see. Use a native mash made from Saccharo Root. Bitter as a monkey's burn, but it's got quire the kick. Trouble is, with all the fighting near Trinity Bridge I can't get my hands on any.
Tell ye what. If you can gather up ten Saccharo Roots and I'll be able to brew enough to knock 'em all on their arses. You'll find the Saccharo plants growin' all around the Eloh Forum, just this side of Trinity Bridge.

Debriefing Edit

Bartender McLaughlin:

You got ten Saccharo Roots? Well done! Well done, indeed!
Tell the lieutenant it would be a pleasure and an honor to host his night of drinkin' and debauchin'!

Field Lt. Peterson:

Mac had you running around on the battlefield gathering roots? That's too much! Don't get me wrong, tough, I really appreciate it!
So we're all set for Tuesday night? Outstanding! Now if I can just find a girl who'd be willing to jump out of a cake...
Um... you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a big, hollow cake, would you?

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Saccharo Roots are little green circular plants that can be found north of Trinity Bridge. They take quite a while to loot, so be sure there are no patrols nearby to shoot you and interrupt.

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