The Bad Doctor
Mission sequence
Required Level 33
Mission giver: Commander Lindloff
- Location: Turpis Refinery
Reward giver: Commander Lindloff
- Location: Turpis Refinery
XP: 50,000
Credits: 4,950

Bio Armor Helmet v6 Prodigy Bio Armor Helmet v6 lvl 30
Hazmat Armor Boots v5 Astra Hazmat Armor Boots v5 lvl 34
Motor Assist Armor Boots v10 Phoenix Motor Assist Armor Boots v10 lvl 33
Reflective Armor Boots v5 Titan Reflective Armor Boots v5 lvl 34

Overview Overview Edit

The Bad Doctor is a quest in Turpis Refinery where you have to kill the "Master Poisoner." He is a technician-type mob called "The Toxicologist." He spawns at x138 y-38 when you go near it (but not before, so you won't see him on the minimap until you're close to him.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Master Poisoner

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Commander Lindloff:

This factory is probably the most lethal place on the planet. The toxins created and distributed from this facility are accounting for an incredible numbers of deaths, both forean and human. My job is to make sure that this place stops production immediately.
Niebolo will help with that, and I'm sure you'll be talking to him as well, but more important to me than the factory is the factory's supervisor. The leader of this place is someone we've dubbed the "Poison Master". He's a ruthless Thrax soldier who has become proficient with every virulent disease and toxin known on this planet.
Kill him, and bring me some proof of it.

Debriefing Edit

Commander Lindloff:

"You've actually done it. Congratulations, soldier, you've earned yourself some brownie points. I'm going to see about getting you a medal."

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Kill The Toxicologist at 138, -38. He doesn't spawn until you walk into his area.

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