Temple of the Patriarch Protector
Mission sequence
Requirement: Temple of the Raging Patriarch
Temple of the Proud Patriarch
Temple of the Bowed Patriarch
Follow-up: This mission is required
to complete Pieces of the Puzzle
and Trial of the Temples
and Palisades Targets of Opportunity
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Warden Mozul
- Location: Eloh Temples
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 10,000
Credits: 2,100

Laser Chaingun Vextronics Laser Chaingun
(experimental, min lvl 18)
Virulent Leech Gun Vextronics Virulent Leech Gun
(experimental, min lvl 19)
Cryogenic RPG Launcher Vextronics Cryogenic RPG Launcher
(experimental, min lvl 20)
Virulent Injector Gun Eclipse Virulent Injector Gun
(experimental, min lvl 17)

Item0494 Overview Edit

Discover the secret of the temple of the Patriarch Protector. Return to warden Mozul when you are finished inside the temple. The temple is located at coordinates -674 x -238. This is the final temple in the series.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Enter the temple of the patriarch protector and learn its secrets
  • Gather Eloh Vale keystone information

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Warden Mozul:

"Good soldier, you have proven your wisdom and strength by unraveling the riddles of the other temples. But they were only keys to this temple, the Temple of the Patriarch Protector. Few enter, fewer return. Your final step down the Trail of Giants is through those doors.
Entering this temple is the greatest honor and greatest challenge bestowed on you by the wardens. Do not hesitate to meet that challenge."

Debriefing Edit

Eloh Hologram:

"You have proven yourself to have balance in mind, body and spirit. A true guardian of light must keep these three principles near at all times in order to walk the path with confidence. The road to the future maay be unknown, but the path to the Vale should no longer be a secret for you."

Eloh Projector:

"The swirling image provides information and gives reference points to be used with the Eloh vale map. This information will help pinpoint the exact location of the hidden vale."

Temple of the Patriarch Protector:

"Good work Soldier, you have emerged, as we thought you would, with benefactor blessings and knowledge! Stray not from the path, and go with spirit, body and mind at peace. Carry this knowledge proudly to victory."


The Temple of the Patriarch Protector is an instance in Palisades. It is the last of the four temples and is where the Eloh Vale Keystone is obtained.

The area is tiny; simply accept the quest outside the temple (after having done all other three temple missions), then walk in and use the projector.

Translation on the pillars: You / Will Be / Empower / Through / The / Eloh

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