Taking the Poison
Mission sequence
Requirement: Spy Networking
Follow-up: Spoils of War
Required Level 33
Mission giver: Corporal Sheen
- Location: East Listening Post
Reward giver: Corporal Sheen
- Location: East Listening Post
XP: 130,000
Credits: 5,400

Modification Modification: Debuff to Electric Resist
Modification Modification: Debuff to Fire Resist
Modification Modification: Debuff to Ice Resist
Modification Modification: Debuff to Virulent Resist

Overview Overview Edit

Corporal Sheen from the East Listening Post wants you to collect the Poison Canisters from the Bane Barracks on Valverde Pools instead of helping the Retreads by destroying them.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Collect Poison Canister I
  • Destroy Poison Canister II
  • Destroy Poison Canister III

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Corporal Sheen (directly or via incoming transmission):

Your actions have been monitored on our system. Did you think we wouldn't know what you are up to? You are NOT to be destroying those poison canisters for the Retreads. HQ thinks the AFS could learn quite a bit by taking samples these poisons. LARGE samples. Ithink the idea is that perhaps we could use the poison against the Bane since it appears to be so effective.
You work for the AFS. You do NOT work for the Retreads. You will go and retrieve those poison canisters.

Debriefing Edit

Corporal Sheen:

Good work soldier. You can sleep well knowing those canisters are in the proper hands. It would be a waste to destroy such a valuable weapon.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Note: This mission is issued by an incoming transmission. It can also be issued directly by Corporal Sheen, or reissued by her if it has to be dropped.

Special Note: Although it is not clearly identified, this surprise call seems to be a "fork in the road" decision mission. If you accept this, the Retreads apparently do not offer you any further missions assisting them, and the AFS eventually congradulates you on "sticking it to those Retreads". You may wish to ignore the mission and go check out the Retread camp first. You can always return to get the mission from Corporal Sheen.

In addition: If you choose Poison Control for Amee Corman at Retread Camp, then Corporal Sheen will no longer offer you this mission.

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