Supplies On The Double
Mission sequence
Requirement: Forming Alliances
Follow-up: A Father's Goodbye
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Elise Corman
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 5,000
Credits: 750

Radial Repair Tool Prodigy Radial Repair Tool
Cipher Tool Dynamo Cipher Tool

Overview OverviewEdit

A courier carrying perishable medical supplies bound for Alia Das has been ambushed by a Bane patrol. If any of these supplies survived the attack, you must find them and return them to Dr. Elise Corman at the Alia Das Infirmary. If the seal on the container is breached, you'll need to get them back quickly before they go bad. The patrol was last spotted to the southwest, near a bridge that traverses Lower Eloh Creek.

Objectives ObjectivesEdit

  • Locate supplies
Retrieve the lost medical supplies
Item0363 Medical Supplies x/1
  • Optional: The supplies were damaged!
The seal on the supply crate has been breached! Get the crate back to Dr. Elise Corman before they go bad.
Time remaining: 00:02:00
  • Return with the supplies
Return the medical supplies to Dr. Elise Corman

Dialogue DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Elise Corman:

"Our medical shipment has gone missing. Will you investigate?
We've been waiting on the delivery for three days, and now I hear the courier's been ambushed by a Bane patrol. We lost contact with the courier a few klicks to the southwest, near the bridge that crosses Lower Eloh Creek. If there are any undamaged supplies out there, you've got to recover them, and fast. Those pharmaceuticals are perishable! If the seal on the container is broken, we'll need to get them into refrigerated storage, stat!"

Debriefing Edit

Dr. Elise Corman:

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't make it!
Thank God you found them in time! You can't run a trauma center with stone knives and Boargar skins. We should be all right until the next shipment arrives."

Walkthrough WalkthroughEdit

The medical supplies are in the Lower Eloh Creek, in a crate labelled "Damaged Medical Supplies", across the bridge from the Lower Eloh Creek waypoint at coordinates (406, 235, 115). To pick up the supplies crate, walk up to it, target it and and press [F]. It will take 10 seconds to obtain the supplies from the crate they're in, so make sure that any enemies nearby are dispatched or else you will be interrupted.`ef`me`

If you take any, even the slightest damage while you carry the supply crate, it will be damaged. This will start a 2 minute timer. If the timer expires before you return the supplies to Dr. Corman, the mission will fail and has to be restarted. The 2 minutes are no problem though, if you don't waste time fighting and just get back to the Alias Das base as quickly as possible you'll make it easily. A very quick way that is often overlooked is to take the wormhole teleporter from the Lower Eloh Creek waypoint to the Alias Das waypoint. This will put you right next to Dr. Corman in under 30 seconds.

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