Stick Your Neck Out
Mission sequence
Requirement: Retread Planning
Follow-up: none
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Amee Corman
- Location: Retread Camp
Reward giver: Kaethi Rose
- Location: Retread Caves
XP: 30,000
Credits: 3,500

Med Pack Class VII Advanced Med Pack (2)
Adrenaline Booster Class VII Adrenaline Booster (2)
Grenade Class VII EMP Grenade (4)
Grenade Class VII Concussion Grenade (4)

Overview Overview Edit

Speak with Kaethi Rose in Retread Caves

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Speak with Kaethi Rose

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Amee Corman:

So the word is that the Snake sent you to me because he hasn't gotten his shipments in awhile. Well he can just bite my ****0ur deal with him is guns for supplies. Well he sends me nothing but the worst and most beat up pieces of crap he's ever seen. There was one rifle that practically shot sideways. If he had just given us halfway decent arms we wouldn't be having this mess inthe first place.
We've got all sorts of problems in the caves that we've been using to smuggle, I mean... transport the supplies. If you think you're so tough maybe you can do something about it. Go check in with Kaethi Roseinside,she'll beabletotell you more.

Speak with Kaethi Rose Edit

Kaethi Rose:

AFS, huh? Maybe we can clear this place out yet.

Debriefing Edit

Kaethi Rose:

Let's get you to work.
      • You have to do some missions or quests to gain their trust before Amee Corman give you the Retread caves Instance, last mission I finish is ONE MAN'S TRASH, before that visit the Hermit at the hermit WP to get the quest then come back for second part before you go to the instance.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

This mission is the introduction to the Retread Caves instance.

Kaethi Rose is just a short way inside the Retread Caves. You may encounter some brief resistance while getting to her.

Although this mission does not have a formal follow-up mission, its the natural lead-in to Mox Clearing issued by Ellen Lenee who stands adjacent to the reward giver. She even comments that Col. Washington sent you to them.

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