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Type: Machine, (Hackable)
Weak To: EMP EMP
Resists: none
Immune To: Electric Electric
Virulent Virulent

Stalker: "Battlefield Giants"Edit

Stalker 1


"When it comes to evoking terror on the battlefield, the mechanical Bane Stalker has no equal. Launched from orbiting assault ships like meteorites, the Stalkers impact targeted areas with devastating force. Once deployed on the surface, they assume their characteristic raised three-legged profile. With their wide frontal fields of fire and excellent lines of sight, the Stalkers are formidable weapons used for maintaining skirmish lines, to support infantry, and clear large zones of enemy forces. Each Stalker is armed with both a fixed frontal gun and a guided plasma bomb (or "plasma egg"), and is well suited for open field or small growth forest operations. Stalkers are rarely deployed in urban or icy environments. Though slow and easily targeted, Stalkers can withstand massive amounts of damage."[1]


Like many pieces of electrical equipment, EMP is the best choice for taking down these mechanical monstrosities.

Specifically, in some cases an EMP rocket launcher may not be enough to elicit significant damage. By the time you reload, the Stalker's armor has regenerated. In this case, try an EMP bomb - heaviest kind you can carry. Flank the Stalker from behind, attach the bomb (you have to get right up on it - under 3 meters), then run like hell, but don't forget to turn around to watch the fireworks!

The most well-known way to take down a stalker is to use an EMP chaingun which can quickly take down a stalker while preventing its shields to recharge. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Stalkers are enormous tripedal mechanized constructs designed to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical. Energy

Weapons UsedEdit

Small Artillery mounted on the front of the unit, and a plasma device mounted beneath the main body.

Special AttacksEdit

Stalkers employ a powerful and unique weapon, a guided energy plasma discharge, called the ‘plasma egg’ in the field. The ‘egg’ is a terrifying weapon which can kill with one hit.


Heavy Armor


Being a mechanized unit, EM weapons are effective in disrupting a Stalker’s systems and ultimately destroying them.

Attack RangeEdit

Long Range, Radial


One or two Stalkers can usually be found where there is a Bane presence, but can also be dropped from orbit into any battlefield.


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