A player wielding a Staff
Training:Staff (training) Staff (training)
Class: Guardian Guardian
Range: 20m
Rate of fire: ?


The Staff is a Guardian class weapon, requiring Staff Training. It's primarily a melee weapon that features high damage, a secondary ranged attack and a variety of damage types. The secondary attack has a short range and a slow rate of fire but requires no ammunition. Fully trained, the Staff grants the ability to deflect incoming fire.


Staves can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray.

The optimal range for the ranged attack of the Staff is 20 meters - beyond this range the damage dealt will decrease.


While the Staff does have a ranged attack, it does considerably more damage in melee. The player should constantly be seeking to engage enemies at close range, using Rushing Blow to close the distance between foes.


Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Kinetic Staff Physical Physical None N/A Kinetic Staff
Pulse Staff EMP EMP None N/A Pulse Staff
Virulent Staff Virulent Virulent None N/A Virulent Staff
Electric Staff Electric Electric None N/A Electric Staff
Incendiary Staff Fire Fire None N/A Incendiary Staff
Cryogenic Staff Ice Ice None N/A Cryogenic Staff

Damage progressionEdit

Subtype Kinetic Staff Pulse Staff Virulent Staff Electric Staff Incendiary Staff Cryogenic Staff
Level Kinetic Staff Pulse Staff Virulent Staff Electric Staff Incendiary Staff Cryogenic Staff
30 3424 / 636 4252 / ~592 3368 / ~556 3700 / 732 3313 / ~548
35 5280 / 981 5195 / 1031 5706 / 1129
40 8143 / 1514
45 12558 / 2334
50 19367 / 3600

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