Spy Networking
Mission sequence
Requirement: Retread Planning Part II
Follow-up: Taking The Poison (AFS)
or Poison Control (Retreads)
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Amee Corman
- Location: Retread Camp
Reward giver: Headquarters
- Location: Radio
XP: 65,000
Credits: 5,400

Graviton Armor Gloves v4 ChiTech Graviton Armor Gloves v4 lvl 35
Hazmat Armor Helmet v3 ChiTech Hazmat Armor Helmet v3 lvl 34
Motor Assist Armor Helmet v6 Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Helmet v6 lvl 33
Reflective Armor Helmet v3 Astra Reflective Armor Helmet v3 lvl 34

Overview Overview Edit

Amee Corman located at the Retread Camp in Valverde Pools wants you to steal the tactical data containing the location of all the poison canisters inside the Thrax Barracks. The command console is located inside the East Listening Post.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Steal Data

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Amee Corman:

So you want me to just trust you after you were spying on us? Well how about you do some spying for us instead. We need to know the precise locations of all the Poison Canisters inside the Thrax Barracks. Your AFS have set up a little spy post nearby and I'm sure have all the data we need to know how to precisely blow up those canisters.
I want you to go inside and steal that information for me and radio back. Make sure that none of your AFS buddies find out what you're doing. I don't want them interfering in my plans.

Computer Workstation Edit

Computer Workstation:

Poison Canisters:
Recent communications have been intercepted regarding the Thrax Barracks and supplies of a very toxic Poison. Over the course of several weeks large canisters have been shipped to the facility from Turpis Refinery. It appears the Bane have taken great care to place these stores in several locations within the barracks so that any damage that could be done to the canisters would be limited at best. AFS intel has pinpointed and verified each location. Further information is needed to ascertain the purpose or future use of such a dangerous chemical compound.

Debriefing Edit


This information better be accurate or I will personally see to your death. Everything I've worked for is relying on this.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Walkthrough: Instruct Corporal Sheen to go to the infirmary (Send her to the first aid office.) and use her computer terminal in her absence. Select the options: 1 - Thrax Barracks, 2 - Communication, and 3 - Poison Canisters, then select the option to download the canister locations. Amee Corman will radio in to complete the mission.

Note: This mission is immediately followed up by a radio call resulting in the mission Taking the Poison. It can also be obtained, apparently, by talking to Corporal Sheen directly if you have remained too close to her.

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