Splatter is a level 24 Amoeboid boss in Divide. He is one of the five boss targets in Divide Targets of Opportunity.


He can be found patrolling the southern part of Bane Forward Command in Divide. He can wander quite far, and has been spotted near the two mortars to the west, in the east, and even up the hillside to the south.

Splatter has been spotted at the following locations:

  • -145, -607
  • -129, -743
  • 35, -644
  • 95, -850
  • 100, -720
  • 109, -554
  • 72.3, -723 [Watch for him from 12.9, -780]
  • -120, 588 (On April 2nd, 2008)
  • 58.5, -886.8 (Apr 6, 2008 - on the side of a mountain)

He is able to wander into the AFS NPCs that are attacking the base, and this will cause him to stop running around.

  • NOTE: Splatter is essentially immune to Laser and Cryogenic damage types - very high resistance. Electric is my suggestion! ~Rourk

Electric did not phase him. I had to go with regular chaingun and just keep shooting. I waited on the top of the moutain with no luck. Went into the base area and he found me. ~Whyy

(Electric phases him just fine - his regeneration rate is so intense, you have to outdamage it. Laser was doing about 50% damage. Fast-firing weapons and/or DoTs seem to help. Caught him on the northwest side of the entrance to the underground portion of the base.) ~Shaho

Regular chaingun with lvl 21 ranger, machine guns 5, took about 700 rounds of ammo. He hits hard, stay out of melee range (net gun also works). ~Box

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