Spank the Xanx
Mission sequence
Requirement: Check in with Cho
Follow-up: Low Fidelity
Required Level 48
Mission giver: Captain Cho
- Location: Ingruo Valley
Reward giver: Major Phych
- Location: Gangus Supply Annex
XP: 300,000
Credits: 9,800

Modification Modification: Regen Health Bonus
Modification Modification: Regen Power Bonus
Modification Modification: Regen Armor Bonus
Modification Modification: Regen Power Bonus

  • Old Rewards

Lv 50 Unknown Armor Legs Titan Bio Armor Legs (Proto)
Lv 50 Unknown Armor Boots Astra Mech Armor Boots (Exp)
Lv 50 Graviton Armor Gloves v1 Dynamo Graviton Armor Gloves v1 (Exp)
Lv 50 Unknown Armor Gloves Dynamo Motor Assist Armor Gloves (Proto)

Item0494 Overview Edit

Go into the field of battle and extract Control Chips from defeated Xanx, then return to Major Phych with the Control Chips.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Kill and Extract
Bane Control Chip Bane Control Chip x 5

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Captain Cho:

The Banified Xanx have infested this region and aren't letting up. I need you to get out there and extract their Control Chips from their dead husks.
It's almost supernatural how these Xanx keep coming no matter how many we kill. The damned things burrow up from the ground almost as quickly as we can kill the things. To make matters worse, they prevent us from getting to the captured Communications Dish on the hill east of here, the same dish that allows us to communicate with the AFS High Command to get resupplied.

Debriefing Edit

Major Phych:

Excellent. With these Control Chip samples I might be able to determine the frequency and maybe turn the tables on the Bane and their pet Xanx.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

The mission is fairly simple. Kill five or so Xanx that can be found in several nearby areas and loot the Bane Control Chips that they drop. Once all five are collected, proceed to Major Phych at (-19.8,214.4,-672.8).

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