Sonic Boom
Mission sequence
Requirement: Low Fidelity
Follow-up: A Job Well Done
Required Level 48
Mission giver: Major Phych
- Location: Gangus Supply Annex
Reward giver: Major Phych
- Location: Gangus Supply Annex
XP: 300,000
Credits: 9,800

Mech Armor Boots v4 Prodigy Mech Armor Boots v4
Bio Armor Boots v4 Olympia Bio Armor Boots v4
Stealth Armor Boots v4 Phoenix Stealth Armor Boots v4
Graviton Armor Boots v4 ChiTech Graviton Armor Boots v4

  • Old Rewards:

Modification Debuff to Ice Resist
Modification Regen Bonus
Modification Steal Power
Modification Spirit Bonus

Item0494 Overview Edit

Go to the Bane controlled AFS Comm Station, break through the Bane defenses, destroy the four Bane Override Generators. Return to Major Phych at Gangus Supply Annex once completed.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Destroy Bane Override Generator
Destroy the first Bane Override Generator
  • Destroy Bane Override Generator
Destroy the second Bane Override Generator
  • Destroy Bane Override Generator
Destroy the Third Bane Override Generator
  • Destroy Bane Override Generator
Destroy fourth Bane Override Generator

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Major Phych:

"Ok, time to flip the switch on the Comm Dish and make those Banified Xanx fight for us.
"Pay attention, soldier. You'll need to break through enemy defenses on the Bane captured AFS Comm Station and take out those four Bane Override Generators. Doing so should clear up some of the communications problems we've been having as of late, that will also automatically reset the Comm Dish to AFS control and also send out a broad band low frequency pulse that should get the local Banified Xanx to fight for our side for a brief time.
"Make no mistake, this is not a solo mission. You'd be well advised to gather a squad to successfully complete this mission. Good luck and make sure you come back in one piece."

Debriefing Edit

Major Phych:

"That was one hell of an assault you pulled off, soldier. I relayed the good news to Colonel Sherk. He said he'd like to speak to you in person. Again, great job!"

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

A small incline nearby Sergeant Fonseca will bring you to the base. The mission is not as difficult as it's made to be. Several Thrax Soldiers, Caretakers, and Thrax Technicians guard the small outpost. In addition, the boss Overseer Xyyl, an elite Technician, is guarding it. With a little work, they can be cleared out. Ascend the stairs to the top of the station and destroy the four small generators nestled there. Return to Major Phych.

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