Smash and Grab
Mission sequence
Requirement: Eastern Listening Post
Follow-up: Spoils of War
Required Level 35
Mission giver: Lieutenant Chester
- Location: East Listening Post
Reward giver: Lieutenant Chester
- Location: East Listening Post
XP: 130,000
Credits: 7,200

Laser Chaingun Shinobi Laser Chaingun lvl 33
Cryogenic Net Gun Vitalius Cryogenic Net Gun lvl 36
Electric Polarity Gun Vitalius Electric Polarity Gun lvl 33
Laser Rifle Eclipse Laser Rifle lvl 36

Overview Overview Edit

Lt. Chester located at the East Listening Post in Valverde Pools wants you to steal several supplies and destroy the Bane data servers from the Thrax Barracks.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Collect Thrax Ammo
  • Collect Plasma Capacitors
  • Collect Nutrient Paste from the Bane Barracks
  • Destroy Thrax Ammo Data Server
  • Destroy Plasma Capacitor Data Server
  • Destroy Nutrient Paste Data Server

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Lieutenant Chester:

If you ask me, this is a suicide mission. I can't believe The Snake is ordering you to go into the Thrax Barracks just to steal all of their supplies. The man is crazier than I thought. Alright, so here is what you're going to need to do. The biggest needs we have right now are ammunition, power, and food. According to that intel, the barracks has large stores of Thrax Ammunition, Plasma Capacitors, and Nutrient Paste. Sounds delicious.
While in there you'll need to also destroy any of their Data Servers. Spymaster Timlin believes that they store all of the inventory data for all of Valverde. Do not underestimate the chaos that can be caused by destroying their information infrastructure.
You're going to have to go into the hornets' nest and steal their honey. Wait... do hornets make honey? Nevermind, just get your mind right and go for it.

Debriefing Edit

Lieutenant Chester:

You are one badass mother to have pulled this off. We won't have to worry about getting supplies from the Retreads again. I'm actually looking forward to trying some of that food paste. I wonder what its made of. Hmm...on second thought, I probably don't want to know.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The items needed are in the two main buildings. There are bosses in each of the buildings. In addition, the Supplymaster and his guards spawn in one of these buildings, so the number of enemies can immediately rise. This is particularly the case in the building housing the computers. The object is to move quickly into the main central room and on to an upper level. This way you can control the number of foes you face. Remaining in the hall will subject you to crossfire from respawning Bane troops.

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