A signature ability is a special type of ability that is only available to tier 4 classes.

Each tier 4 class has 1 signtaure ability.

All of them are named a "wave" of some kind. All of them have an AoE effect on either allies or opponents. Using each ability requires a completely full adrenaline bar.

Unlike normal abilities, which have 5 levels, signature abilities have only one level. They also do not require skill points and are available upon class selection, assuming you have the Logos required for use.

Signature ability list Edit

Class Signature ability
Grenadier Grenadier Concussive Wave Concussive Wave
Guardian Guardian Shield Wave Shield Wave
Sniper Sniper Crit Wave Crit Wave
Spy Spy Cloak Wave Cloak Wave
Demolitionist Demolitionist Explosive Wave Explosive Wave
Engineer Engineer Base Wave Base Wave
Medic Medic Regeneration Wave Regeneration Wave
Exobiologist Exobiologist Reanimation Wave Reanimation Wave


  • Although Unstated, all Signature Abilities have a 5 minute cool down and a 1 second cast time.

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