Mission sequence
Follow-up: Coup
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Radio
- Location: Maligo Base
Reward giver: Radio
- Location: Maligo Base
XP: 17500
Credits: 1200

Item0494 Overview Edit

Colonel Bosley has received additional intel from the recovering AFS troop which indicates that a Bane officer may have a keypass permitting access to the second level of Maligo. Locate and eliminate this target on sight. Radio back to the Colonel once the target has been taken out.

Objectives Edit

  • Bane Officer located! Track down and eliminate him
  • ITEM - Obtain Level 1 Access Keypass

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


This is the Colonel. I've just received some intel that may make your search for the teleportation device easier not to mention shed more light into how vicious the experimentation process is inside.
We've had some AFS troops regroup in our encapment that were previously held captive inside Maligo. They claim that the facility is divided into two separate levels. The first level you're on houses their security CPU's which protect the second level; that's where the actual testing seems to be taking place.
They believe that some of the officers have access to that second entry by way of keypasses dispersed amongst them. The pass provides entry to a local teleporter somewhere to the West. You must locate one of these officers and eliminate him on sight. It may be our only chance at further entry. Inform me via radio once you've eliniated one of them.

Debriefing Edit


I take it you've managed to bring one of those maggots down? Excellent. Unfortunately, we've still got our work cut out for us. With that keypass in hand you'll now be able to access the second level. Have you found the teleporter to the West yet?
Further discussion with the squad here has revealed that their wormhole device still yields a high failure rate. This is to our advantage. However, their methodology of testing, is not.
The squad's informed us that they are using our own troops and implanting some sort of Bane Mind Control chips to walk like mindless drones to their death - marching feverishly into the wormhole as the Bane continue to tweak the device's settings until they've perfected its functionality.
Watch yourself up there. I'll keep you updated on any additional intel we acquire. The squad we're in talks with are still a little shook up having barely escaped by the skin of their teeth.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Watchman Zyrutha spawns at 232, 106. Kill him for the key.

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