Self Preservation
Mission sequence
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Radio
- Location: Maligo Base
Reward giver: Radio
- Location: Maligo Base
XP: 40000
Credits: 1000

Item0494 Overview Edit

Colonel Bosley has informed you of a series of security CPUs that are online somewhere on the northern portion of the first floor. Locate and eliminate all of the CPU units you come across.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy all Security CPU Units.

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


Listen up! One of the squad members has informed us that she believes the security system CPUs are located somewhere in the nothern region of that first level. Additionally, we believe that the CPUs may be in a state of limited protection due to power issues they are experiencing.
She can't provide an accurate assessment on its specific location. However, she assures us that the technicians were responsible for the CPU units as they were discussing power flow concerns from all the wormhole testing taking place.
Those security CPUs may allow destruction through conventional firepower and could be the ace up our sleeve in infiltrating with minimal resistance. You must locate them and bring them down. We believe the area may be heavily fortified and secured itself, so stock up any ammunition you find before entering the area. Let me know when you manage to locate them.

Debriefing Edit


Damn fine job! That should certainly help you out as you progess further into the facility. I don't know what the hell we'd do without some of this squad's intel. The Bane definitely seem to be putting up any safeguards they can to prevent access to this device.
With those units offlines, the 2nd floor should prove to be significantly easier. We're hoping the majority of their defenses will not function properly and that reinforcements won't be called in.
Still, even with this advantage, you must continue to tread carefully. Just because they won't call in others doesn't mean they won't take a chance at anihilating you at the first chance they get.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit


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