Securing Torcastra
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Unknown
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lt. Cisco
- Location: Torcastra Prison
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 34,000
Credits: 3,800

Mech Armor Vest v5 Luminar Mech Armor Vest v5
Reflective Armor Helmet v2 Luminar Reflective Armor Helmet v2
Graviton Armor Legs v1 Pulsar Graviton Armor Legs v1

Item0494 Overview Edit

Secure the Torcastra Prison entrance by capturing the garrisons from the bane and then retrieving the gate key

Time limit is 20mins

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Secure the Bane Bunkers to clear the way for AFS reinforcements Edit

Secure Bunkers to Stand Down Alarm Before AFS Air Strike Edit

  • Secure NE Bunker
  • Secure NW Bunker
  • Secure SE Bunker
  • Secure SW Bunker

Retrieve Torcastra Prison Gate Key from gate keeper Edit

Use the access key from Gatekeeper to open the prison gate Edit

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Lt. Cisco:

"You've arrived just in time soldier. We're launching an offensive against Torcastra prison. That hell hole has been a blight on this entire region for too long. We need you to secure the area so we can get reinforcements in there, then bring down the gate.
I'll meet you at the front door, soldier. Good luck!

Debriefing Edit

Lt. Cisco:

"We took plenty of damage taking this spot, but it'll be worth it once we close this operation down. At least now we have the Bane trapped in there like rats."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Once you reach the laser trip wire at the "Torcastra Gateway" map marker, the 20 minute timer will start on this mission. You can avoid spawning a Stalker by shooting the bane machinery on the far side of the tripwire before crossing it. The target goal of this mission is to kill all Bane (Thrax, Hominis Machina, sludges) near each bunker and destroy the Bane turrets on top of the bunkers. After all 4 are down, kill the boss and shut down the force field gate.

If you're running at this solo, bring lots of EMP bombs for the turrets! You should lure the bane into the bunker and kill them first, then focus on the turret. Each bunker location is marked on the map. Don't bother with the other Bane in the surrounding area; just focus on whatever is near the bunkers. Once the bunkers are down, the timer will stop.

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