For schematics used to modify items, see Recipe.

A schematic is a single-use item needed for fabrication, the act of creating items. Schematics have a result, a list of ingredients, a list of requirements and a set crafting time.

The result is the item created if the fabrication succeeds. Each crafting action usually produces a large number of items, the number is specified on the schematic.

The ingredients are the components need to produce the result. They are usually fabrication components, but not always: Med Packs also require Pharmaceuticals, and Armor paint uses Pigments and Bonding Agent.

The requirements indicate which character level is needed to perform the crafting. Fabrication may also require training in one or more engineering skills. Armor paint and fabrication components have no skill requirements, but ammunition, grenades, and med packs do.

The crafting time is how long the modification takes to perform.

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