Salvage Tool
Salvage Tool
A player wielding a Salvage Tool
Training: Photonics Photonics
Class: Recruit Recruit
Range: 5
Rate of fire: N/A
Additional Item Requirements: none

The Salvage Tool is a tool that can be used by anyone with training in Photonics to harvest Mechanical/Electrical Components from destroyed robotic enemies.

The salvage tool uses Power Cells for ammunition.

Usage Edit

To use the salvage tool, stand within 5 meters of a destroyed robotic enemy, then click primary fire. After a few seconds the harvest will be complete and the harvested items will be added to the players inventory. Items that are salvaged can be used later to craft items with the correct schematics.

The salvage tool can only be used on mechanical targets. It can not be used on machina.

Products Edit

Level Salvage Amount
1 Scrap Metal Scrap Metal 4-12
2 Mechanical Components Mechanical Components 5-10
3 Electromechanical Devices Electromechanical Devices 3-9
4 Electronics Electronics 3-7
5 Integrated Circuits Integrated Circuits 3-5

The skill level of the player determines what items are salvaged. As one may expect, each level unlocks the corresponding level of components. The salvage is cumulative, so a level 5 salvage will give items of all five components.

Note: The amounts listed are based on limited testing. The actual ranges are most likely larger.

See Also Edit

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