Sabotage the Tower
Mission sequence
Requirement: Bane Investigation
Follow-up: Bane Jamming
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lieutenant Feldman
- Location: The Snakepit
Reward giver: Lieutenant Feldman
- Location: The Snakepit
XP: 60,000
Credits: 5,250

Repair Tool Prodigy Conical Repair Tool lvl 35
Electric Pistol Vextronics Electric Pistol lvl 35
Virulent Disperser Teleract Virulent Disperser lvl 32
EMP Torqueshell Rifle Eclipse EMP Torqueshell Rifle lvl 32

Overview Overview Edit

Destroy the Bane personnel and their equipment protecting the Eloh Obelisk.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Bane Equipment
Vital Bane Equipment Destroyed 0 / 6
Bane Equipment Locker Destroyed 0 / 10
  • Eliminate the Linkers guarding the Eloh Relic site.
Linkers eliminated 0 / 4

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Lieutenant Feldman:

Instead of sitting around with our thumbs up our asses while waiting for we're sittin' around for more information from Command on that Eloh Obelisk, we've decided it would a good idea to put an immediate stop in whatever they might be doing.
Since we are only a small contingent of soldier here so we can't commit enough force to capture the Eloh tower. Instead I want you to zip inside their fortifications and destroy as much equipment as you can before they know what hits them. That's a pretty big task but I also want you to take out any Linkers that stand in your way. As you should know those things are highly dangerous and intelligent. Eliminating them and destroying the equipment should at least slow down whatever it is they're up to for a little while.

Debriefing Edit

Lieutenant Feldman:

Destroying the Bane's equipment should at least slow them down for a bit until we can gather enough force to completely eradicate them.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit


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