River Recon
Mission sequence
Requirement: Forming Alliances (?)
Follow-up: Distress On The River
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Outpost Commander Rogers
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 10,000
Credits: 1,000

Direct Healing Disc Astra Direct Healing Disc
Rifle Vitalius Rifle

Overview OverviewEdit

Outpost Commander Rogers wants you to search for signs of a lost patrol of Forean Rangers near the top of Pinhole Falls, then report your findings to Field Sgt. Witherspoon at Lower Eloh Creek, south of Pinhole Falls.

Objectives ObjectivesEdit

  • Recon Pinhole Falls
Search for signs of the lost Forean patrol at the top of Pinhole Falls
  • Report to Witherspoon
Report the Bane Sighting to Sgt. Witherspoon

Dialogue DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Outpost Commander Rogers:

"I'm looking for someone to do recon at Pinhole Falls.
We've got a potential boondoggle-in-progress on Upper Eloh Creek. A patrol of Forean Rangers were patrolling the top of Pinhole Falls and we think they may have been ambushed.
Head to the top of the falls and see if you can find out what happened to them. If you find anything, report to Sgt. Witherspoon at Lower Eloh Creek. He's coordinating AFS efforts on the riverfront and he's waiting on news of the lost patrol."

Found lost patrol Edit

Dying Forean:

"Bane ambush... they killed... all of us...
Please... must tell human commander... they are moving... towards Alia Das...
Tell Witherspoon..."

Debriefing Edit

Field Sgt. Witherspoon:

"Rogers told me you'd be reporting in. What have you got for me?
The Bane are planning to move on Alia Das? Great work, soldier. I'll have Commander Rogers increase patrols between Das and Pinhole Falls. Now that we know their plans, we need to step up our offensive here on the river.
The whole Forean squad was wiped out, huh? Damn it. These Foreans are some of the bravest sons of bitches I've ever seen. We'll give it back to Crustie, in spades.
Here, take this. You'll need it down here on the river. It's hot, and it's going to get hotter."

Walkthrough WalkthroughEdit

There is a Dying Forean at the top of Pinhole Falls, the sole survivor of the ambush. He is located at (306.5, 271.2, 438.0)

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