Report to Liaison Noonan
Mission sequence
Requirement: Level 11
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Receptive Liaison Brice
- Location: Nidu Dav
Reward giver: Receptive Liaison Noonan
- Location: Foreas Base
XP: 6,500
Credits: 700


Item0494 Overview Edit

Report to Receptive Liaison Noonan

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Report to Receptive Liaison Noonan

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Brice:

"When the time comes and all I can teach has been learned, you will need to seek further instructions from the Liaison stationed in Foreas Base HQ. I will give you his coordinates."
"Go to Receptive Liaison Noonan when you require further instruction."

Report to Receptive Liaison Noonan Edit

Receptive Liaison Noonan:

"Another receptive huh? Well let's get see where we can help you out."

Debriefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Noonan:

"uh hu ... Let's have a look."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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