Repair Tool
Repair Tool
A player wielding a Repair Tool
Training: Tools Tools
Class: Specialist Specialist
Range: 20
Rate of fire: ?
Additional Item Requirements: Power Cells Power Cells

The Repair Tool is equipped like a weapon and used to restore armor to allied players or repair allied machinery. A blue reticule that acts identical to the red enemy reticule, including a lock on feature, shows that you are targeting a friendly player that can have its armor regenerated or a machine that can be repaired. If nothing else is targeted, activating the tool will repair the players own armor. To use your Repair Tool, simply use your Fire Weapon key.

Area of EffectEdit

Repair tools come in 2 varieties: Direct and Area

  • Direct tools repair the greatest amount of damage per activation but only to a single target, either you or an ally. Their primary fire heals a single target at range; their alternate fire (F by default) targets yourself.
  • Area tools repair for less then a Direct tool but affect several targets per activation. Their primary fire is a radial effect, repairing everything in a circle around you; their alternate fire (F by default) is a cone effect, repairing everything in front of you (the same area as a shotgun). Both modes will also repair yourself.


  • The Repair Tool does not allow you to regenerate armor if your armor or your targets armor is at full.
  • Players with the Hack ability, a Tier 3 Sapper skill, can also use the repair tool to repair hacked machinery.
  • At Tools pump 3, a direct repair tool (not an area tool) can be used to jumpstart (revive) a dead machine. These include AFS MECHs and friendly control point Mortars that fall during assaults or defenses.