Reality Ripper
Reality Ripper
Class: Demolitionist Demolitionist
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Movement (logos) Movement
Backward (logos) Backward
Damage (logos) Damage
Area (logos) Area

Description Edit

Reality Ripper is an ability of the Demolitionist class.

"Creates a large radius bomb that pulls all enemies close to the bomb and begins damaging them. Affected enemies will tend to focus on destroying the bomb instead of fighting other targets."

Usage Edit

Drops a beacon at your current location, pulling all enemies towards it. Combine with other area of effect damage abilities for the greatest effect. Aside from the pulling effect, this skill draws the attention of enemies to itself and off of you, allowing you time to set up your attacks.

Progression Edit

Name Minor Reality Ripper Lesser Reality Ripper Greater Reality Ripper Major Reality Ripper Ultimate Reality Ripper
Power cost 40 60 80 100 125
Weapons Grade Micromech cost 1 2 3 4 5
Damage rating Slight
Radius 10m 12m 14m 16m 18m
Duration 5s 10s 15s 20s 25s

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