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Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Unity Among Men
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Victor Corman
- Location: Wilderness
Reward giver: Victor Corman
- Location: Wilderness
XP: 3500
Credits: 700

Rifle AccuMax Rifle
Shotgun Eclipse Shotgun

Overview Overview Edit

Take the Corman Blood sample to Medical Assistant Duncan at the Twin Pillars outpost for analysis and return to Victor Corman with the results.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Speak to Duncan Edit

Speak with Medical Assistant Duncan at the Twin Pillars Infirmary.

Analyze the Blood Sample Edit

Analyze the blood sample.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Victor Corman:

"I'd like this blood sample analyzed, but Twin Pillars is quarantined against Cormans."
"I'm on staff at the field hospital at Ranja Gorge. Some sort of virus is sweeping through the camp. We think it may be the result of a toxin in the water supply. I came here with blood samples to bring to a med-tech at the Twin Pillars outpost. We need to have them analyzed, and she's been sympathetic to our people in the past."
"I just tried to get into the outpost but I was driven off by armed guards. Their commander thinks the sickness is contagious and he's given orders that none of our people be allowed to enter. Please! It's vital that I get these samples analyzed. I need you to take it to Medical Assistant Duncan as quickly as possible and return with the results."

Speak to Duncan Edit

Medical Assistant Duncan:

"Sorry, no can do. I'm under strict orders not to help the Cormans. But eh ... see that analyzer over there? It's pretty easy to use. Knock yourself out. If anyone asks, I never saw you go near it."

Analyzing the Blood Sample Edit

Computer Workstation:

Analyzing electrolytes...
Blood urea nitrogen...
Compiling data...

Debriefing Edit

Victor Corman:

"You got the sample analyzed? Thank God! This data might be the first step to finding a cure. We're in your debt."

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Victor is wandering outside the gates of Twin Pillars. Take the sample in to the Medial Building, talk to the Medical Assistant and analyze the sample yourself. Return to Victor to complete the mission and he will send you on another.

After you analyze the blood, you should see a radio appear just outside the hospital. That's for Smuggler's Blues - grab it if you can.

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