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Proving Justice
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Spiritual Pilgrimage
Follow-up: Proven Justice
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Warden Lagori
- Location: Walk of Giants
Reward giver: Ranger Kogari
- Location: Hightower Outpost
XP: 9500
Credits: 1000

Med Pack Class III Basic Med Pack
Grenade Class III EMP Grenade
Med Pack Class III Advanced Med Pack

Overview Overview Edit

Objectives Objectives Edit

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Warden Lagori:

Welcome to the Temple of Raging Patriarch. To gain audience with the Warden Chicara, you must lend your strength in service to our Rangers. They are defending the former Corman watchtower to the East. They have suffered great losses, but none larger than losing the Logos Artifacts of their champions. Seek them out and help them recover their artifacts.

Meet With Ranger Kogari Edit

Ranger Kogari:

What do you want human?

Debriefing Edit

Ranger Kogari:

Anybody who says they are willing to help us must prove it first. Speak to me again when you are ready.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

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