Propellant Gun
Propellant Gun
A player wielding a Propellant Gun
Training:Propellant Guns (training) Propellant Guns (training)
Class: Grenadier Grenadier
Range: 10m
Rate of fire: very fast
Propellant gun 1

A Propellant Gun being fired


The Propellant Gun is a Grenadier class weapon, requiring Training in Propellant Guns. It's a short range AoE weapon that features a high rate of fire, medium damage and a variety of damage types. Each shot inflicts a DoT which deals an additional 5% of the initial damage over 3 seconds. Fully trained, the Propellant Gun allows even the non-virulent damage types to partially bypass armor.


Propellant Guns can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray. Unlike most weapons, Propellant Guns cannot lock onto a single target and therefore do not benefit from beading, though damage is still increased while crouching. As with most weapons in Tabula Rasa there is no recoil and you can hold down the fire button until the magazine is empty or the weapon jams, after which you will need to reload.

Propellant Guns affect a 10 meter cone in front of the player when fired. Any target beyond this range will take no damage.


Propellant Guns are basically flamethrowers. They are used in a similar way to Shotguns, though the rate of fire is considerably higher while the affected area is considerably smaller.

Propellant Guns can also inflict an area damage effect for a moderate amount of time when fired at the ground for extended periods or on a semi-random basis. Any enemies who linger within the affected area will take damage over time equal to 1/7 of initial damage. Certain damage types may have additional effects as yet undocumented.


Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Pulse Disperser EMP EMP Power Cells Power Cells 100 Pulse Disperser
Sonic Disperser Sonic Sonic Power Cells Power Cells 100 Sonic Disperser
Virulent Disperser Virulent Virulent Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 100 Virulent Disperser
Flame Thrower Fire Fire Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 100 Flame Thrower
Cryogenic Disperser Ice Ice Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 100 Cryogenic Disperser

Damage progressionEdit

Subtype Pulse Disperser Sonic Disperser Virulent Disperser Flame Thrower Cryogenic Disperser
Level Pulse Disperser Sonic Disperser Virulent Disperser Flame Thrower Cryogenic Disperser
30 265 / 1018
32 316 / 1210 287 / 1103
37 550 / 1819 487 / 1867
42 751 / 2879
47 1158 / 4439
50 1501 / 5757

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