The pre-order trailer is a movie originally released with the announcement that pre-orders for Tabula Rasa were beginning. The trailer is included with the game client and can also be seen on the TR order site.

Story Edit

We never saw it coming. We were too busy watching our big screen TVs, reading trash tabloids and swallowing prescription antidepressants.


We never stood a chance.


For all I know, it's gone forever.


We never saw it coming, but our leaders did. They couldn't save all of us, so they hand-picked the ones of us who could fight.


They created wormhole portals using alien technology hidden on our planet centuries ago, portals to the front lines of a war that had been raging for eons on worlds we never knew existed.


Today, we fight.


It seems hopeless, but we have a secret: an ancient legacy we don't fully understand, an alien power has awakened in some of us.


Over time, it's changing us. Evolving us.


But change is what we need. A fresh start. A clean slate.


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