Polarity Gun
Polarity Gun
Polarity Gun
Training:Polarity Gun (training) Polarity Gun (training)
Class: Sapper Sapper
Range: 40
Rate of fire: Constant


The Polarity Gun is a Sapper class weapon, requiring Training in Polarity Guns. It's a medium range single-target weapon that features high burst damage and a high rate of fire. Unlike most other weapons it requires understanding and practice to use this weapon effectively. Fully trained and used properly, the weapon can deal an impressive amount of damage.


Polarity Guns can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray. Polarity Guns benefit from beading the target and damage is increased while crouching. As with most weapons in Tabula Rasa there is no recoil and you can hold down the fire button until the magazine is empty or the weapon jams, after which you will need to reload.

The maximum range for a Polarity Gun is 40 meters - beyond this range the damage dealt will decrease.


The Polarity Gun fires a constant stream of energy that deals damage multiple times a second. While each individual damage effect is relatively small, the weapon will quickly sap the life of the target.

As the weapon is fired it builds up a "charge" on the target. When the fire button is released it shoots a "discharge" blast towards the target that deals additional damage depending on how much of a charge was built up. The maximum charge time is 2.0 seconds, at which point the discharge blast will be ten times the normal "stream" damage of the weapon. For example, if the stream damage is 74, the damage of a fully charged discharge blast would be 740.

This weapon is most effective when fired in two second bursts, as this makes the best use of the discharge effect. In terms of ammunition, the maximum charge is reached after about 10 rounds have been fired - in practice, this allows you use your magazine display for precision timing when charging the Polarity Gun.

Even when used correctly, the Polarity Gun uses up ammunition at an extremely rapid rate making it an expensive weapon to maintain. In general it should be reserved for high-damage enemies or those with a high regeneration rate. If you intend to make frequent use of Polarity Guns it would be a good idea to increase the training level to pump 5, as this will increase the damage (and therefore reduce the ammunition costs) by a considerable amount.

Subtypes Edit

Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Electric Polarity Gun Electric Electric Power Cells Power Cells 50 Electric Polarity Gun
Endothermic Polarity Gun Ice Ice Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 50 Endothermic Polarity Gun
Exothermic Polarity Gun Fire Fire Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 50 Exothermic Polarity Gun

Damage progressionEdit

Subtype Electric Polarity Gun Endothermic Polarity Gun Exothermic Polarity Gun
Level Electric Polarity Gun Endothermic Polarity Gun Exothermic Polarity Gun
15 74 / 235 N/A N/A
18 96 / 305 N/A N/A
23 148 / 471 150 / 478 /
28 228 / 726 232 / 737 206 / 661
33 352 / 1119 / /
38 543 / 1726 / /
43 837 / 2662 / /
48 1291 / 4106 / /
50 1535 / 4883 / /

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