Plateau Targets of Opportunity
Mission sequence
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lieutenant Colonel Doss
- Location: Fort Defiance
Reward giver: Lieutenant Colonel Doss
- Location: Fort Defiance

Clone Credit Clone Credit AND
Title Master of Plateau

Overview Overview Edit

You can earn special ranks and commendations by taking advantage of opportunities on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Targets of Opportunity throughout Plateau, and try to complete them all!
When you have completed all of the Targets of Opportunity on Plateau, report back to Lieutenant Colonel Doss at Fort Defiance.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Complete All 10 Targets of Opportunity Edit

  • Complete All Ten Targets of Opportunity Objectves on Plateau.

Aquire All Plateau Waypoints! Edit

Title Plateau Pathfinder

Solve a murder for CID! Edit

Title Plateau Detective

Become a Penumbra Agent! Edit

Title Plateau Secret Agent

Kill 30 Kael! Edit

Title Plateau Giant Killer

Kill 50 Maligo Elite Guardsman! Edit

Title Plateau Sentinel

Complete Plateau Operations! Edit

Title Plateau Operative

Kill 40 Mox! Edit

Title Plateau Exterminator

Kill 5 Major Plateau Bosses! Edit

Title Plateau Assassin: Kill the 5 Major bosses on Plateau: Goliath, Inquisitor Krakatus, Mox Alpha Male, Preceptor Vorvaak and Prototype Juggernaut.

Collect all Plateau Logos! Edit

Title Plateau Mentalist

Complete Plateau Story Missions! Edit

Title Plateau Veteran

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Debriefing Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Doss:

You did an amazing job here on Plateau, soldier! General Bailey is very impressed. He says you're one to keep an eye on!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Bosses Edit

Kill 30 Kael! Edit

There's a spot south of the AFS Resistance Camp across the river, -350, 435, -435, where you'll find two to four Kael who respawn fairly quickly.

Plateau Logos Edit

The majority of these - all but Before and If - are covered by the excellent Vortex (logos) walkthrough.

Murder for CID Edit

Complete the chain of missions starting with Blue Flu, available from level 30 onwards, and ending with Looking For Clues.

Penumbra Agent Edit

Complete the chain of missions starting with Clean Slate, available from level 32 onwards, and ending with Mind Slayer.

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