Pirate Radio
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Information Spec. Johnson
- Location: Frontlines
Reward giver: Information Spec. Johnson
- Location: Frontlines
XP: 8,000
Credits: 1,200

Leech Gun AccuMax Leech Gun
Pulse Shotgun Eclipse Pulse Shotgun

Item0494 Overview Edit

Information Specialist Johnson wants you to go to each frontline fortification and destroy any infestation you come across on communication dishes. Once cleansed, return back to him by the Pravus entrance main pathway.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Destroy Bane infestation on North communication dish
  • Destroy Bane infestation on North West communication dish
  • Destroy Bane infestation on South communication dish

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Information Spec. Johnson:

"See all this?! These bastards are infecting the ground we’re walking on! It smells like rotting flesh and it’s spreading like wildfire."
"Worse yet, I’m pretty damn sure that they have it growing around our communication dishes. I haven’t heard a damn thing except static all day long. We’re going to lose this battle fast if we don’t do something."
"I need you to get your ass to our equipment ASAP! Check and make sure there’s no growth on it. If you come across any don’t hesitate for a second to blow it to kingdom come."
"Come back here before it’s too late and we just may have a chance of kicking some Bane ass."

Debriefing Edit

Information Spec. Johnson:

"Well, here goes nothing."
"…”Alpha Squad do you read me?” … “Hello?” … “Alpha Squad? … “Alpha Squad, are you there?”…"
"…”Hello?” … … “Yes! Yes, this is Johnson!!!” … “Damn, it’s good to hear your voice again.” … …"
"I’ll be a son of a bitch -- you did it! Here, I lost some good people while you were gone, but we just can’t let our resources go to waste."
"Take this and work up towards the facility entrance. I’ll see what I can do to coordinate as many troops as I can to help with your assault."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Information Spec. Johnson : You can find him just south of the enterance point into the Frontline area.

The three communication dishes are marked on you map the North communication dish is located at -10, 50, 300. The North West communication dish is located at -60, 30, 170. The South communication dish is located at ???.

Fight your way to each dish walk around the dish until you see the infestation. Target it and shoot it. There are two infestations on each dish, usually close together.

Once you have destroyed all six infestations return to Information Spec. Johnson for your reward.

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