Class: Recruit Recruit
Tier: 1
Logos Required

Photonics is an engineering skill, available to all characters. In addition to crafting effects, it also allows the use of salvage tools to retrieve Mechanical/Electrical Components from fallen mechanical enemies.

This skill allows crafting of various EMP devices. It also increases your chances of successfully improving certain enhancements on equipment. Photonics-based enhancements include those that affect Stealth and Threat modification, Crit Hits, and the EMP and Photonic damage types.
Engineering: Photonics also allows the use of Salvage Tools to collect scrap metal and electronics from destroyed machines.

Usage Edit

Allows Fabrication of the following:

Improves Modification of the following: (based on description only)

  • Threat Reduction
  • Crit Hit Increase
  • Resist EMP
  • Reduce Resist EMP
  • Resist Laser
  • Reduce Resist Laser

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