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P'reo Das
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Valverde
Item0483 Zone: Marshes
Item0481 Instance: P'reo Das
Mob Levels:
Map of P'reo Das
Map of P'reo Das

Bug Bug! Currently, Needle in a Bane Camp and The Choices We Make are mutually exclusive quests. If you fail The Choices We Make by either completing Needle in a Bane Camp OR running out of time, Dirty Secrets becomes uncompletable as the key to Central Operations disappears with Operation Master Myrquar. In this event, you'll have to reset the instance to complete Dirty Secrets and get the Disperse logos.


P'reo Das is an instance zone in the Marshes region of Valverde on planet Foreas.

Intel ReconEdit

P'reo Das is a series of Forean Villages located in the Marsh Region. The Foreans and AFS patrols that frequent the areas surrounding P'reo Das have been reporting increased cases of a debilitating and sometimes fatal illness.

Whether or not this outbreak can be traced back to P'reo Das is questionable, but High Command wants the answer to that question.

Mission MissionsEdit

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