Orders From High Command
Mission sequence
Requirement: Traveling Medicine Show
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Headquarters
- Location: Radio
Reward giver: Brigadier General Beacham
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 22,000
Credits: 2,200

Item0000 Modification: Mind Bonus
Item0000 Modification: Regen Power Bonus

Item0494 Overview Edit

By Direct order of AFS High Command and Brigadier General Beacham, you are to cease all other activities and rendezvous with Lieutenant Burke in Monarch Grove, to the northwest of Memory Tree Hill, to receive further orders.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Rendezvous with Burke.
Rendezvous with Lieutenant Burke immediately.
  • Confront Skeev!
Skeev demands to speak with you. You have 60 seconds to comply.
Item0490 Give Skeeve the Corman vaccine
Item0490 Refuse to give Skeev the Corman vaccine

[Option 1]:

  • You fail the mission "Mission Failed: Traveling Medicine Show"

[Option 2]:

  • Kill Skeev!
  • Talk to Burke.
Speak with Lieutenant Burke again.
  • Speak to Beacham.
Brigadier General Beacham at Alia Das is awaiting your report. Go speak to him.

Item0462 Item Requirements Edit

3 Item0294 Corman Plague Vaccination

Item0454 Dialogues Edit

Briefing Edit


"Cease all other activity and rendezvous with Lt. Burke at the indicated coordinates."
"Per orders Brigadier General Beacham, Wilderness Liaison to AFS High Command, stationed at Alia Das, you are hereby ordered to cease all other activity and immediately accept the High Priority Mission."
"Proceed immediately to the indicated coordinates in Monarch Grove, to the northwest of Memory Tree Hill. You are to rendezvous with Lieutenant Burke. He will have further orders for you at that time."

Rendevous with Burke Edit

Lieutenant Burke:

"Yeah, I'm Burke. I understand you're carrying a vaccine for the Corman plague. I got somebody here that'd like to have a word with you about it."
"Sorry, trooper. I had no choice."

Confront Skeev Edit


"Human! We are sworn enemies, but this plague does not play favorites. It kills my people as well as yours. The one you call Burke has seen the value of cooperation."
"Give me the vaccine you carry. Your people can manufacture more."
"If you give it freely and do not force me to kill you, your cooperation will be remembered by The Bane."
"You have SIXTY SECONDS. Make your choice!"
Item0490 Give Skeeve the Corman vaccine
Item0490 Refuse to give Skeev the Corman vaccine

[Option 1]:

"Mission Failed: Traveling Medicine Show."
You loose the mission from Dr. Elinor to distriubte the vacine to the infected around Wilderness.
"Orders From High Command" continues with speaking to Burke.

[Option 2]:

Talk to Burke Edit

Lieutenant Burke:

"Thanks, man. You really saved my ass! Hey, let's keep this between the two of us, huh?"

Speak to Beacham Edit

Brigadier General Beacham:

"I'm glad to see you in one piece, soldier!"

Debriefing Edit

Brigadier General Beacham:

"Afs High Command intercepted a false transmission sent to you with my name on it! We suspect it was a trap of some kind. I'm glad you had the good sense to realize I'd never send you a direct order over open comm lines."
"I understand you were instrumental in finding a cure for the Corman plague. Good work. Hopefully we'll put a stop to it before it gets completely out of hand."
"If you get any more suspicious communications, report directly to me, a-sap. Comprende?"

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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